Planning your visit

All you need to know before joining us
on one of our adventures.
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What to bring

We recommend to bring the following items on your tour.

Your booking email

Make sure you print or download your booking confirmation email, which will serve as your tour ticket. Learn more about booking with us.

Snacks or meals

These are up to you to bring, but we recommend of thinking of snacks before hand, as restoration points will not always be accessible during visit times.

Appropriate clothing

Some of the places we visit are places of worship. Please dress accordingly to not avoid unpleasant surprises. If in doubt about dress code, contact us before your tour.

Travel light

Bring everything you need, but nothing you don’t. Some galleries have storage rooms, but it’s best to bring the essentials to avoid unpleasant delays.

Don't forget...

Some useful gotchas before we're off.

Check pick-up points

This is always useful, as Rome is a city full of small streets, squares and hidden corners. Make sure you check where our group is meeting before hand on the map, so we can start our visit on time and make sure we cover all there is to see.

Be aware of Photo policies

Unfortunately, not every masterpiece we’ll encounter will be able to be photographed. This will depend on the policies of the galleries, museums and churches we’ll be visiting. Make sure you ask your guide before taking pictures.

Don't miss the tour start!

With medium and large groups of tourists, punctuality can go a long way. Make sure you’re 5 minutes early at the pickup-point, so that entries to our visits can go smoothly and with no delays.

Yes, Rome is beautiful

And there's truly a lot to see!

A holiday in Rome without a visit to the Vatican is like a day at the beach without swimming in the sea. While we can go on and on about the Vatican, the city of Rome itself has much to offer. Allow us to show you some off the beaten track sites and some of the most beautiful squares unbeknownst to the average tourist. Besides all the heritage sites and historical ruins, the city is a hub of fabulous bars, restaurants, food markets, and gelaterias. Travel with us and we guarantee that your time in the eternal city is a sensory experience. To find out more about our tours in central city Rome, visit our products page.